The Cologne Blues Club

The Cologne Blues Club

„Authentic big-city blues with a dash of Motown / Stax. Cool voice, organic sound, stylish arrangements and compelling soloist. „

This is how the renowned music journalist Marcel Anders describes the music of the Cologne Blues Club. We at Blount booking Agency would rather say the finest of grooving blues music.

Energetic, as authentic as possible, but far from any blues clichés, grooving, urban, fresh, unfussy. The CBC sounds different than other blues bands, as the music critics agree and the truth can be seen on stage.

Only here can the quality and charisma of a band be recognized and they use this fact and that is the reason why they were nominated for the German Blues Challenge four times in a row (2012,2013,2014,2015) in their still young band history.

The band loves the stage, the audience and the emotions. They have played countless club gigs and they set large musical accents at festivals with their frontman and harp player from Hungary, Géza Tényi.

This great mixture of international talents makes this composition an amazing ride and will definitely have an impact on the music everywhere and we at Blount Booking Agency enjoy listening to these extraordinary musicians and welcome them to our family.

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