Abi Wallenstein & Martin Röttger

Abi Wallenstein & Martin Röttger Duo

Award winning Abi is called the ” living legend” of the European blues scene and for more than forty years on stage Abi has developed a characteristic guitar style, which combines rhythmic blues lines with chords and melody lines at the same time.

And for many years he has now been accompanied by many different artists and other Legends but the one sticking out is the Groove Minister himself, Martin Röttger.

Today he is one of the European pioneers of the cajon. His minimalistic equipment, his driving beats and infectious enthusiasm play a vital role in propelling Abi performance and they blend in seamlessly and form a harmonic blues duo.

Their unique combination of energy, virtuosity and conviction has since made them one of the most exciting acts in this genre performing today – two extra ordinary blues musicians an energetic performance.

We at Blount Booking Agency can confidently say that we are honored to have such a Legend in our family and we look forward to experiencing more highlights than ever.

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