Dave Goodman & Groove Minister

Canadian artist Dave Goodman is a true multi-talent. He is a guitarist, singer, composer and producer and his work is consistently characterized by both stylistic diversity and a remarkable level of artistic output. Whether solo, duo, or band formation, his live shows are always high energy, and often both extremely funny and deeply moving. His lengthy and varied experience in a wide range of musical styles, developed through his many travels, has translated into a huge repertoire of original songs based on real life situations, which lets him take his audience through a whole gamut of emotions while always leaving space for his infectious spontaneity. Whether sensitive ballads or kick-ass rock’n‘roll, Dave Goodman’s virtuoso guitar work and deeply personal vocals never fail to touch the hearts of the listeners.
And adding a new attribute to his portfolio, Dave has joined talenst and forces with the Groove Minister (Martin Röttger).When these two musicians get together, you experience how a duo turns into a whole band. They embody much more than just their music! The interaction creates a powerful, masterful and sovereign Americana with the unique mix of different “Roots” styles.

Their musical abilities are equally amazing and underline their interactive interplay! Through this creative, independent way to re-design their repertoire, each concert of this ensemble is a unique experience with goose bump moments!

We are proud to present Dave Goodman and Groove Minister to you as part of the Blount Booking Family. The love for great music unites us all.

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