About Us

Music has been part of the Family Blount for many years and the time has come for the next Generation to have part in this wonderful family business.

As a skilled project manager, certified senior account manager and loving son of the blues singer Big Daddy Wilson and his soulmate Manager Helga, I have come to love Music and the Industry behind it.

Over the years, I have been taught the skills in project management, sales, communication and presentation by global player companies world wide. This is the reason why I have decided to start a new era of artist management to add these vital attributes to the family business and spread out into the music business.

The next Generation of Musicians, Music enthusiast and Venues are already taking over the business and we at Blount Booking Agency want to play a leading part in bringing you into this game with professional artist identity, intelligent merchandise and efficient tours, so that you as a musician can do, what you do best –

Play the Music you love, cheer the fans you love and be part of the greatest feeling ever – Music.